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I have a long list of my favorite clients both men and women that I love chatting with. While Mike is obviously my first favorite, Tom is my second.

Tom is a very confident man and knows what he wants when he calls my cuckold phone sex line and he knows how to get girls into the mood. He called in for the first time on a rainy night I was already feeling horny and was yearning for some action when the phone rang.

Me- Hello there, sexy. Wanna have fun tonight? Tell me, what’s your name.
Tom- Oh, we will have more than fun tonight. My name is Tom.
Then he proceeds to tell me how he likes watching strangers fuck his wife and that his wife is super into it too.
Me- Tom I am already horny, let’s not waste anymore time and get started right away.

Me – Tom, you are horny tonight, you already had your fun with cheap phone sex and wanna watch your wife enjoy getting all her holes filled by huge cocks tonight. So you decide to join a fuck fest that is happening in the other part of town.
Your wife is wearing a short black lace dress tonight. It is see through so you can see her gorgeous boobs peeking through the soft lace finish. She has not worn any bra (for the ease of use, of course ;) )

You and you wife reach at the fuck fest spot. There is a full blown party happening there when you reach. There are men and women dancing and laughing and partying. You know that soon enough this party is gonna turn into a fuck marathon.

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All you wanna tonight is watch your wife get fucked. So you leave her to go mingle with the crowd and you find a spot on a couch on the corner of the room with other husbands, wives, boyfriend and girlfriends who are also waiting to watch their partners fuck strangers.

Your wife has already started flirting with 2 men, let’s call them Fred and Jim for now. She is now dancing with them. Their bodys brush and squeeze against each other as they dance. They grind their bodies against her. Now another lady (let’s call her Monique) joins the group. She dances with them and slowly places her hands on you wife boobs.
Fred now starts squeezing your wife’s boobs and pulls one of her boobs out of her lace dress. Now your wife is standing on the dance floor with one of her boobs out of her lace dress. There are other men looking at her.

Tom- Yes, I like it when other men play with my wife’s boobs.

Me- By this time half of the room has already gotten into the fuck fest mood. There are many other women on the dance floor with their boobs out of their clothes, and men with their dicks out of their pants.
Your wife is still dancing with one of her boobs giggling outside her dress when the Jim pulls her other boob out as well. He also pulls up her dress and reveals her tight ass. Fred now proceeds to grabs both of her boobs from behind and squeezes them while Jim does the same with Monique.

Me- Aren’t you enjoying watching this Tom?
Tom- Yes, Yes! It is a wonderful thing to watch other guys playing with your wives tits in the middle of a dance floor while other men are also looking at her.

Me- Now the guys asks the girls to rub their boobs together and kiss each other. Your wife starts kissing Monique and rubs their boobs together.

Fred pulls out his cock and asks your wife to suck it. She immediately gets on her knee and starts sucking the big cock. Monique also get down on her knee and starts sucking your wife’s tits. Your wife starts moaning with pleasure. Jim starts sucking Monique’s huge tits.

Now, the moment Fred pulled his cock out of your wife’s mouth, Jim pulls his cock out of his pants and thrust it into her mouth, while Monique still sucks her boobs. So, now your wife is alternating sucking on the cocks of Jim and Fred while Monique is voraciously sucking her big tits.

Fred then picks your wife up and carries her behind bar counter. Your wife get on all four’s with her ass up in the air and starts sucking Fred’s huge cock. Now Jim and Monique are nearby and Monique is laying with her legs wide open and Jim has started fucking her.

Your wife is licking Fred’s cock and balls like her life depends on it and is really enjoying it.

Now a third man comes behind your wife and asks her if he can fuck her. She doesn’t even turn around to see who it is, but says ‘yes, fuck me.’ She doesn’t even care who is fucking her. All she wants is to get fucked doggy style. He inserts his already hard dick into her vagina and starts sliding it in and out.

Tom- Yes! My beautiful wife is getting fucked doggy style by a total stranger while she is sucking on another stranger’s dick. What a sight.

Me- Both the guys increase their pace of fucking her pussy and her mouth. With a loud moan all three of them cum together. Fred splashes his load in her mouth while the new guy cums inside your wife’s beautiful pussy.
Monique is lying on the floor getting fucked by Jim as well.

I can hear Tom’s moans over the phone.

Now your wife gets up and gets her dress in order and comes back to you. You are excited and cannot wait to get home and jerk off thinking of how your wife got fucked by total strangers tonight. Both of you get in your car and start heading home. By the time you reach the half the distance you can’t contain your excitement and you decide to fuck your wife then and there. She is happy to get fucked again and you take her behind an old bus stop and lay her on the bare floor and fuck her. You both cum at the same time.

Just then another guy appears and asks your wife if he can fuck her. You both are too happy to oblige and you pull her tits out of her dress and start giggling it with your hands for the stranger to see.

You then spread her legs wide open for the stranger to fuck her. He starts fucking her hard and fast. In between you pull her legs up in the air and hold it in place so that now her vagina faces the stranger, so that the stranger can fuck her well.

Tom- Yes I show off my wife’s big tits and open her legs so that a complete stranger can fuck her well and good.

He fucks her hard and cums inside of her and leaves. Both you and your wife head home in your car, with your wife’s beautiful tight pussy filled with 2 stranger’s cum.

Tom- Yes , yes I am cumming. Oh I spread my wife’s legs for a stranger to fuck her. Oh I am cumming Me- Yes cum for me, baby, cum for me.

His breathlessness told me that he had finished.
I asked him if he liked the session. He said that he loved it and will be back for more the next day. And that is the story of how Tom became one of my favorite customer.
Actually he should have been my first favorite client because of this fuck fest fantasy, but he is my second just because he has not introduced his wife to me yet.